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A healing modality that works with your body's energetic field to remove any foreign, negative, toxic or stuck energy from your space. It provides a lovely grounding experience, as well as helping you to clear your mind, restore peace and bring you into present time.

Each chakra will be cleaned out and brought into harmony with the body so that you feel like an instrument that has been finely tuned.

$80/60min Will travel to you

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique

QHHT allows access to the part of the mind that has the source of health issues in the mind and body. I am the bridge to access your own subconscious for healing.


Approx 4 hours $50 Deposit + $200 day of. Venmo, paypal, cash app

Click here to learn more about QHHT.

LIIFT Untherapy

I use the LIIFT untherapy healing process to help adults and children quickly heal emotional damage. They never have to talk about it or remember what happened, we just eliminate it together using kinesology and EFT  

$80/hr + $30 for Entity Removal (if needed)

For more information please see the LIIFT website

Crystal Light

LED Crystal Light Therapy is a wonderful healing system that many have said to be a truly life enhancing experience. A session will leave you in an overall calm state and feeling of deep peace. The LED Crystal Light Therapy bed itself can also be used to help bring you into a deep meditative state to further assist in aligning and balancing the body’s energy.


$100/60min (Call Ahead for Specials)

Click here to learn more about LED Crystal Light Therapy.

Tarot & Oracle
Card Readings

Tarot cards show your past, present and future events, while Oracle cards are messages from the ascended master, angels and guides. You will also receive a hand made magical message from the universe.

Donations are Welcome

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