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Aurora Sky

My passion for QHHT began when I came across an Alba Weinman QHHT video on youtube. I was amazed at the healing that took place in one session. So much healing, in fact, that another session was not needed. And so I became a Reiki Master because of my passion for this wonderful healing.


In researching all the different modalities of holistic health, Reiki resonated with me the most. I believe this is my true calling and I am humbled to be able to help others through this modality.

The Japanese word ‘rei’ means something mysterious or sacred, and the word ‘ki’ can be translated as 'energy of the universe'. Therefore, Reiki is the sacred energy of the universe. I like to describe it as intelligent, divine qi. Practitioners receive a sacred initiation called "reiju" (attunement) that opens us to act as a "hollow bamboo" for Reiki energy. Once attuned, a reiki practitioner taps into Reiki itself and is able to heal without depleting their own ki. Whether we give Reiki or receive it, we all benefit… and how wonderful is that?

​Early in a treatment, Reiki brings a deep sense of support, relaxation and calm as our busy minds and tense bodies begin to relax. Although sensitivities vary, you will be aware of hot Reiki hands. You may feel energy flowing through you, enter a dreamlike state, see colors, communicate with spirit guides or your own wise counsel, enjoy a catnap, or experience powerful shifts in your life. Some people may feel very little during Reiki, and still notice effects like stress reduction and increased physical healing. Most people on the whole feel amazing – peaceful, balanced and happy.

Reiki is the most joyful thing I know, and I would truly love to share it with you. 

Also, I am now a published author and you can find my book on Amazon. Click on the link here to purchase!

Life Lessons Learned From Performing Quantum Hypnosis Technique: Sky, Aurora: 9798801466323: Books

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