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The entire Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique process is open and intimate. Your session begins with a sit-down where you tell your life story focusing on the most significant events that have made you who you are today. It’s important to go into detail about those times in life that can be called "pivot-points", where that one decision made a huge impact… a point where your life might have looked radically different had you chosen the ‘Door B’ instead of ‘Door A’.  This is the time where you will also discuss relationship and career choices along with anything else that is most relevant for me to get a good understanding of where you are now on your life path. Everything discussed is, of course, kept in the strictest of confidence, much like a doctor-patient or attorney-client privilege. So open up and just enjoy telling your story.


Here we’ll do a review of the questions that you have prepared for the sake of clarity. Please type and print them if possible. I  will read them out loud to make sure that they are perfectly comprehensible. Often during this time, the discussion of the questions that you have prepared might bring to the forefront a couple more questions that seem very appropriate for your Higher Self. We usually add in a final question asking your Higher Self… if there is any other information that is important to go over before we end the session. Click on button below for sample questions.









This is where the magic happens. There are really only three things that you will need to remember to make your session amazing. Following these tips below will ensure that you harness the power of your Higher Self as efficiently as possible with minimal interference from the conscious mind, which loves to be in control (however, we need the conscious mind to simply accept a backseat role for your QHHT session). Your induction will consist of a series of enjoyable visualizations and sensations. They are extremely positive and pleasant. So pleasant that even after your entire past life regression session, you’ll feel a sense of greater well-being for many days afterward. It’s as though your subconscious will be giving you a gift for allowing it to come forward and speak in such an open and beautiful free-flowing manner.


3 Important Tips to Remember:

  1. When a question is asked… say the first thing that comes to mind and keep on going. Do not give into the temptation of a long pause to think about or justify what is being said. That is the conscious mind trying to take control.

  2. When asked to describe what you see, visualize with as much detail, color, and brightness as possible. Bring as much sensory acuity forward as your possibly can. This attention to detail will make for a wonderful experience when listening back to the recording of your session.

  3. And finally, TALK A LOT!! When you are feeling the energy of your experience. Embrace it fully and talk lots and lots. Keep on going. Enjoy the expression of your thoughts, feelings, and emotions to the fullest.



Now, it’s time for your first past life regression. This is where you come down and experience a different version of You for the first time. You could come down to Earth in any era as any gender within any socioeconomic status. A King, a Queen, a soldier, a healer. The possibilities are endless.  And that is if your first experience is on Earth. You might be tapping into higher levels of consciousness of some form. I have previously been exposed to beings above humanity from higher dimensions that could pop in as well with some wisdom. For some this may be difficult to even fathom, but your Higher Self knows exactly what you need to see when you need to see it for your optimal growth as part of your QHHT session. Once this life if complete, you will be taken to a place of great wisdom to decipher the meaning of why this life was shown to you.

Next, we navigate into the experience of another life. With time permitting, there is also a chance to get into the experience of a third life. The determining factor will be based upon how long the first life and post-life experience goes.  We want to leave no less than one hour for the experience of directly speaking with your Higher Self and getting your questions answered with as much detail as possible. Overall, I never keep a person in the Theta state for more than two and one-half hours. For many, two hours is enough. The body undergoes a degree of fatigue after a while and pushing past these limits dilute the power of the session. So we keep a fine eye on as time progresses.  Interestingly enough, when asked immediately afterward about how long it felt like the session lasted, most people say twenty to thirty minutes. Time really does fly when you are having fun!


Now we enter the next phase of your QHHT session: the direct interaction with your amazing super-conscious mind or Higher Self. This is the part of You that is present every day looking out for you very diligently, but you generally don’t feel its presence nearly to the degree of the dominant conscious mind. There is no need to worry about your Higher Self saying anything embarrassing or anything the least bit unhelpful. It is really smart and wise. Words can’t describe its full capabilities. It loves you with so much incredible caring and depth. You’ll connect and make this relationship much, much stronger for your daily life once your QHHT session is over. This is the part of the mind you can access during meditation. 


We start the Higher Self Q&A session off by asking for a full body scan – looking for any areas the could use energetic adjustments and healing. The Higher Self is more than happy to comply. Not only is the body scanned and healed, but the Higher Self will describe the process and the rationale behind each adjustment while working down the body. This is a wonderful part of any QHHT session with tremendous benefits. Bones may be adjusted but can not be repaired and put back together with a Doctor's help.


This is it.  Here is the part of your session where you get all of the answers to your deepest questions about your existence. I will ask for permission to speak directly with your subconscious and away you will go.


Once your questions have been answered in great detail, it will be time to go back to your normal waking state of consciousness. This does not take long at all and is accomplished through a countdown back to your present reality. It is much different than getting inducted into the Theta brainwave state initially. By this time in the session you will start to feel the first signs of being fidgety and it will feel like the perfect time to end the session. Once you open your eyes back and stretch out, you feel like you just took the most restful nap ever; feeling totally refreshed and excited to talk about your experience.


Finally, we will discuss your experience – going over the highlights from what you can recall. Some people remember almost everything, while others seem to immediately forget the majority of the session. For others, the memories will gradually fade away over the next few hours after the session. I will then share my observations and highlights from the session. This is a really fun time. It’s the recap of one of the most interesting days of your entire life, and the beginning a new and special journey.

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